Monday, August 2, 2010

July Rite Aid Recap- I got paid $9.00 for $350.80 in products!

July Rite Aid Summary- I finally had a minute to get my summary together from my Rite Aid shopping trips. When earning/using Rite Aid +Up Rewards, I figured my totals when I redeemed the rewards- not when I earned them. It's just easier for me to track that way. A great month of Rite Aid shopping!! I'm so glad I started shopping at Rite Aid!!

$350.80 before coupons, discounts and rebates
- $93.36 sales
- $161.61 coupons
- $40.00- $5 off $25 coupons (8 coupons used)
- $17.00 +Up Rewards used
- $14.85 gift cards from previous promotions
$23.98 Actual OOP
Single Check Rebates Earned
-$10.00 Duracell
-$7.29 Renu
-$5.00 Blink Tears
-$1.00 A&D
-$2.00 Huggies
-$1.00 Always/Tampax
-$2.00 Pampers
-$2.69 Crest Plus Scope
-$2.00 Crest 3D
$32.98 total rebates earned
$9.00 MONEY MAKER after SCR's for everything in the above pictures!

Where else can I make money for buying household and personal care items? I love shopping at Rite Aid!!

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  1. Nice job! You had a really busy month, and you still managed to make money, that's impressive! Isn't Rite Aid so much fun? With all the success you and Heather have had I gave it another try about mid-June, and I'm addicted! I can't believe I'm making money buying diapers, toilet paper and all the personal care stuff my family needs. Thanks again for sharing all your tips, it's been a huge blessing!