Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toys R Us Games Deal

If you want to use some of the Hasbro game coupons this week, Toys R Us might be the place to go.

They have Elefun, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Gator Golf on sale for $12.99. When you spend $20 or more in Hasbro games, you get a $5 gift card.
So, buy 2 of those games- and use a coupon for each ($5 off Elefun & Gator Golf, $4 off Hungry Hungry Hippos), and spend either $15.98 or $16.98, get a $5 gift card. Plus there is a rebate available at Toys R Us for $3 for each game- bringing your total after gift card and rebates down to $5.98 or $6.98 for 2 games- normally priced at $19.99 each! And, you get a free plush toy with each of those games priced at $9.99.

They also have the Busy Ball Popper (a great toy!) and the Sit and Spin on sale for $14.99, so only $9.99 after the $5 coupon!

Chuck the talking truck is also on sale for around $25, so only $15 after coupon!

These are great things to buy now to save for gifts for your own kids, to put aside in a box for a future gift or to donate.

If you want to see some Target scenarios with these coupons, go here.

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