Friday, March 26, 2010

My favorite baby websites

I thought I'd put together a list for all the newer couponers to make sure you're registered for all my favorite baby mailing lists... Most of these companies request your children's birthdates and your mailings will be age & stage appropriate.

Gerber- Sign up for newsletter and they will email you specials as well as mail you coupons on a somewhat regular basis

Earth's Best- There are printable coupons for Earth's Best baby food and baby snacks

Beechnut Starter Kit- Sign up here for newsletter and for your free Beechnut Starter Kit- which has coupons for free products and other high value coupons as well as samples- I never used Beechnut baby food after my first child, but for my second baby we bought Beechnut all the time- their cereal is the best because they have a box with a spout... and they send $1.00 coupons and the cereal is $1.42 at Walmart!

Beechnut Toddler Kit- Sign up here for newsletter and for your free Beechnut Toddler Welcome Kit- I haven't received mine yet but am expecting more free coupons and high value coupons as well as samples

Huggies- Join Huggies baby network to get on their mailing list- you'll get regular mailings with great Huggies coupons for diapers, wipes and other Huggies products

Pampers- Sign up to get on the Pampers mailing list where you will also receive regular mailings with high value Pampers diapers coupons as well as other Proctor & Gamble coupons

Johnson's- Go to their website to get some good printable coupons for baby soaps and lotions

That's all for right now on these. I'll keep posting more like this when I think of them.

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