Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Rite Aid Summary

All the October "freebates" made for a great month of Rite Aid shopping! Here are my October Rite Aid totals:

$397.33 before coupons, sales and Wellness Plus discounts
-$121.41 sales and Wellness Plus discounts
-$35.00 7- $5 off $25 coupons
-$8.00 2- $4 off $20 coupons
-$3.00 3- $1 off $1 coupons
-$123.77 coupons
-$51.76 +Up Rewards redeemed
$54.39 subtotal
-$42.58 gift cards used from previous promotions
** $11.81 OOP!! **

PLUS $30.92 in Single Check Rebates Earned and $6.99 in manufacturer mail in rebates!! That means after rebates I'll get paid $26.10 for EVERYTHING in the pictures!!


  1. I can see that I need to get better at the game!


  2. It just so happened to be a really good month... and I had some really good coupons. Rite Aid definitely takes some practice though! Have you been doing well there? Have any of your stores in Battle Creek had any Pure & Natural diapers in stock?

  3. Yes, they both have Pure and Natural diapers. The store closest to Les and I on Colubia Ave is a small store, so they only stock about 3 packages of each size. The other day, I took all 3 of the size 4. I haven't paid attention to when they stock the shelves though. The deal today was this:

    1 Bayer USB Blood sugar monitor $74.99 on sale for 29.99

    10 bags of candy for Halloween @ 2 for $5.00
    Plus get $10.00 register rewards

    Rings up at $56.79
    Used $5 of $25
    $1.00 of 2 candy coupon
    $40.00 off Bayer USB blood sugar monitor Video value coupon(It takes all $40.00 off even though it is on sale for 29.99)

    Total of $10.79
    Used $10.00 register rewards
    Paid $.79
    Got $10.00 register rewards

    Monitor makes a great donation item, but I have a family of diabetics that can use it. I will be going back tomorrow for the exact same deal. It is a regular price of $119.39 for it all.


  4. That's awesome Jody! I've been to Rite Aid twice this week but haven't had a chance to post my deals yet-- not quite that impressive! I was able to exchange the 3 packages of Pure & Naturals I got last week in the wrong sizes for the right size today.
    I'm so glad you're getting into Rite Aid shopping too! It's so much fun!

  5. If they are willing to give stuff away, I am willing to take it!