Saturday, October 9, 2010

FREE coupon already and a coupon refresher...

I posted Monday where to go for a coupon for a free coupon for Advil. I got mine already yesterday!

I'll definitely be saving this one for a deal at Rite Aid- I love turning free coupons into money makers!

I posted tips some time ago but thought I'd post them again for any newbies to my blog..

What do you do when you get a free product coupon? Do you rush to the store to get your free product? Not anymore!

Some time ago I got four free product coupons from Children's Tylenol and Motrin for their recalled medicines. Before that I got coupons for seven free jumbo packs of diapers Pampers (my son got a horrible rash from their new Cruisers). What do I do with these coupons? I hold onto them until I can make money from them!

Here's what I suggest to maximize your free product coupons:

-Save the coupons for a buy one get a gift card free deal. Target often does this with diapers, so that's what I did with some of the Pampers coupons. Usually every couple weeks they do a buy 3 jumbo packs, get a $5 gift card deal, so if I used 6 of my free diaper coupons I could have 6 jumbo packs of diapers PLUS $10 in gift cards.

-Use the coupon at Walgreens when the product has a register reward. I did this a few months ago for a razor rebate. I had a full rebate for the razor, so I figured if I bought it at Walgreens during a register reward, I'd actually make money off the deal- which I did- I got a $7.99 rebate for the razor and a $5.00 register reward. (Register rewards are coupons that print at Walgreens for buying a particular item or combination of items that you can use on your next order). Meijer is another place to try- there may be a Cataliana promo where you get a checkout coupon for money off your next order.

-Use the coupon at Rite Aid when the product has a rebate or an +Up Reard.

-Use them as your filler items at Rite Aid or other stores if you have a $5 off $25 purchase or similar coupon. As long as you give your store coupon before the manufacturer's coupon, this usually works and will maximize your discount.

-If you're not using the coupon for any of the other reasons I mentioned, use the coupon at a local store to support your local economy. Maybe you don't normally buy that particular product at that store because their prices are higher, but if you have a free product coupon, let the local store get the reimbursement from the manufacturer.

Before I was good at couponing, I'd get a free product coupon and hurry up and use it... but with a little planning and waiting for an incentive- holding onto free product coupons can put extra cash in your pocket!

If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment and let me know and I'll add it to the list.

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