Monday, January 16, 2012

Still not getting any breaks!!

Sorry to give yet another post saying that I'm just too busy right now to get caught up blogging! I started a new job the beginning of the year and I'm working a few more hours each week (still part-time, just more hours) and between that, showings and everyday life, I've got my hands full. We had showings Friday and Saturday (we were suppose to have 3 but one cancelled because of the snowstorm) and we have showings tomorrow and Wednesday... and then we may be having some second showings over the weekend. I can't even let my house get messy right now! This puts us in the mid-forties for the number of showings over the past ALMOST year of having our house on the market. The end of January will be our one-year anniversary of being on the market-- yuck! Not an anniversay to be proud of-- but we're still getting good feedback, and usually managing to be in the top-2 or 3 for most people.... but still not a single offer. I'm hoping the new paint in the kitchen and new table helps- our realtor came over and took updated pictures Friday and was very impressed with the update.

So, once things start to settle down, I'll be back to posting. After taking quite a break from the drugstores, I did manage to have a decent Rite Aid trip last week... I just haven't had a minute to post the picture! I did get a few minutes today (thanks to having the day off work for MLK day!) to get some inserts organized and even clipped some coupons. They're not in their fancy little spots in my binder, but they're at least clipped! I'm hoping I can get some time to get some coupons for freebies and do some free shopping on Wednesday during that showing...

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