Thursday, December 1, 2011


Has it really been almost a month since I've done any postings?? Yikes!! Like continues to be crazy-- instead of focusing completely on saving money, I'm trying to make more money by picking up some extra hours at work. And with two little kids, just a few extra hours a week makes a HUGE difference- it really throws off my schedule! I'm still couponing, trying to focus on getting my grocery bill back down (I did have a good week at Meijer but I was just way too lazy to post about it) and shop frugally for Christmas.

I was successful with the storage unit purge... and with the first real snow this week, I was even successful at getting 2 cars back into the garage! It was a nice area to store things for a little while, but it was time that everything found its new semi-permanent home because I'm tired of one of my van doors being frozen every morning.

I am both sad and glad to admit that it has been over a month since I've done any drugstore shopping. It's nice because I have built up a nice stockpile of household and personal items and can take some time off, but we are running low (down to only 36 rolls) on TP now so it's time for me to start watching for some good TP and paper towel deals, as well as any other fun drugstore deals. I have a friend who now has a 17 year old living with her so I'm anxious to find what good make-up and teenage girl fun freebies I can find to welcome her to the neighborhood.

I hope everyone is busy finding lots of great Christmas deals! I didn't do Black Friday shopping- I did my Black Friday shopping online on Thanksgiving-- we got some super deals and could do our shopping in our PJ's. I really will try to get back in to blogging-- I really do want to start hitting the drugstores again.

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