Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Distraction update

I've still been forcing myself NOT to blog until I finish my storage unit purging.... and I am SO happy to report that after 2 more loads tonight (and several over the weekend), I have ONE remaining item left- which I have to wait until my hubby can help me move it. We'll get that home hopefully tomorrow and avoid paying any more storage unit rent-- yippee!

I'm still making myself spend time each day sorting and purging things- I bought a new shredder last week and was able to consolidate 2 file boxes into one (do I really need paperwork, receipts, birthday cards and other similar items from the early 2000's?). My dumpster was full again by Saturday (trash day is Thursday) which I am proud of because it means I'm actually getting stuff out of here!

I'm pretty sure next spring I'll be blogging about a tax audit-- I'm sure we're going to send up some huge red flags when I try to write off half the stuff we donated between Goodwill and the Salvation Army... oh well-- at least it's out of my house and I won't be paying a monthly charge to keep it!

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