Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's been TWO weeks since I've been to a drugstore!! Yikes! I guess that's one of the nice things about couponing... you can get really stocked up on certain things and then avoid certain stores for a little while.

Last week I spend some time getting my coupons re-organized-- I've been really slacking on the couponing lately. Now it's time to get focused and save some money! I'm hoping to do better meal planning this week-- the past couple weeks have been pretty hectic and I've fallen back into bad habits- stopping at the store to buy ingredients for dinner and not doing a big organized shopping trip.

I've got a bunch of coupons set aside for Meijer this week. I did really well a couple weeks ago shopping at Meijer- I happened to be in Jackson with my coupons and got to enjoy a bit of double-couponing-- SO much fun! One of these days, I'll post that picture. I'm planning a Meijer trip in the next couple days- it's looking like it could be a good week of saving at Meijer this week!

I will get back into blogging-- hopefully this week is the week for me to catch up!

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