Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meijer doubles!!

This picture was from a couple weeks ago-- I was in Jackson without kids and went to Meijer there since they double coupons up to $.50! It was an unplanned shopping trip- so I sat in the car for a few minutes before I went in and pulled out any coupon I thought would be a good doubler and then started shopping.

$100.33 before coupons and discounts
-$18.45 sales
-$36.78 coupons
** $45.10 OOP!! **

I was pretty happy with that! It was a great experience- I wanted to see if it made much of a difference to get coupons doubled up to $.50. It definitely helped! I used several coupons that doubled on full price items because it was still a better deal than what I'd get at home without doubles.

I will be going out to Jackson in the next week or two again and have some more coupons set aside to get some freebies after they double. If we ever move to Lansing, I can see that having double coupons will definitely make a difference- I could actually save the coupon until the items are on sale. Until then, I'll just try to set aside coupons that I think will be good to double for the times I'm near a store that doubles!

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