Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What to do when a Catalina doesn't print...

When you are expecting a Catalina coupon (checkout coupon off your next order) and you know you purchased the correct items, say something to the cashier. Meijer has handled this two different ways for me. The first time I was shorted a Catalina the cashier gave me a handwritten form for the dollar amount I was expecting off my next order. The most recent time I had to go the service desk and I was given printed coupons- I can't recall the exact terminology but it was a Customer Satisfaction Certificate or something of that sort. I had been expecting to receive 3- $3 checkout coupons because I did multiple transactions, and they ended up giving me 4- $2.50 coupons- so I ended up getting an even better deal!

Macomb Money Savers also has a posting on this topic- they give the contact info for the company directly that you should be able to call if there is a problem.

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